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Hey ho Kor'gall

8. October 2012 - written by Bhange at 00:04
Well we have moved to a low pop server to play with some old friends...
So see ya at Kor'gall ;)

Mist Of Pandaria

24. August 2012 - written by Bhange at 10:30
2012 - 09 - 25

...Is the release date and how many of you Lamers have preordered and is ready
to lvl up and do some raiding?? =)

Let us know! Click to go to the forum...


28. June 2012 - written by Bhange at 14:41
Well guys, gays and gals!
Since allot of people are having vacation or calling in sick to play diablo 3
or whatever the heck ya'll been doing we have decided to take a break
and return for MoP.
Hopefully with as many old players as possible =)

So stay in touch and we see ya'll in MoP!

Bhange, Matild, Amurai

Madness down!

16. May 2012 - written by Bhange at 17:49
Spine went down sunday with a quite easy attempt with an odd setup of 4 healers 2 tanks and 4 dps.
And we got Madness after a few attempts with no hazzle. Truly boring that it was so easy after the 20% nerf.

So with allot(!!) of setbacks we managed to end at #19 on the realm(for tier13) but our goal will be to make it
top 5 during pandaria.So if you want to be a part of our roster for pandaria head over
to the forum or click on the button at your top right and make an apply!



22. April 2012 - written by Bhange at 23:03
Warmaster have been down for a while. But spine appears to be a real thorn in our side.
And since our MT suddenly stopped playing we are in a dire need of a new MT

We are allso looking for good Swedish players to fill our ranks in MoP!
So head over to the forum and make your apply

It continous!

14. March 2012 - written by Bhange at 23:57
Got Warlord down after a few hours of wipes...
Fucking great =)

Warmaster shivers in fear I guess!



13. March 2012 - written by Bhange at 23:06
We finally got our group together and it paid off first week!

Now Warlord and warmaster awaits!


Staggering progress

6. March 2012 - written by Bhange at 20:00
Well since we have had a hard time keeping a full raid group the past few
weeks due to vacations sickness etc the progress havent been as good as hoped for.
2/8 HC is quite blehhh..

So we are opening the rqruitment once again in hope to find good players

Currently we are looking for:

Druid tank(Pref. better dps gear than tank gear)
Pala tank(Pref. better dps gear than tank gear)

Make your way to Apply Here to add an apply or click on the right side panel

19. January 2012 - written by Bhange at 22:35
The site has been down due to a power outtage and the fact that I've been
away for almost 3 weeks and havent been able to boot it up.

Well im back and so is the site.

Additional news is that we have gone from being a pure swedish guild
to a multucultural one ;)
And on top of that we got 8/8 (!)

Now some nice hunting awaits us in HC


Dragon Soul progress

13. December 2011 - written by Bhange at 18:51
We have been doing quite well considering the shortage of healers we have had since 4.3 was launched.
Since we have been forced to pug one goalkeeper each raid we have roughly raided for 10
hours and got 7/8.

Deathwing will most likley fall soon!

We are currently looking for a well geared and experienced hpala. So head to the forums and
make an apply.

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