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Twilight Ascendant Council

24. April 2011 - written by Bhange at 23:13
Twilight Ascendant Council is down...
Had some trys on Cho'gall but i guess we had some
positioning problems with the ads.
We'll get him next time!

Valiona and Theralion

11. April 2011 - written by Bhange at 15:37
Valiona and Theralion are now down.
Enough said.

Onwards to the rest!

Our Progress Continues

4. April 2011 - written by Maskukert at 09:34
Today we finally took down Atramedes after a couple of tries. The Mechanism on this boss are easy,
but everyone has to do it right and that's what happened! Great work members of Neverlands!
We also went for Chimaeron the last 30 mins of the raid to get hang of his mechanism,
and it went good, we had him on 30%.


27. March 2011 - written by Bhange at 23:29
Today we did our first BoT raid and we one shotted Halfus.
Did some trys on the 2 dragons aswell and had them on 20% i think.
But due to some connection problems we lost allot of raid time and couldn't finish them off.
But next time im sure we will get them.

The slaying continues

9. March 2011 - written by Bhange at 21:29
Today we took down Magmaw and Omnotron Defence System just like last week.
But we allso managed to get down Maloriak after some good trys

Chimaeron and Atramedes better watch out


Progress in blackwing Descent

2. March 2011 - written by Bhange at 21:13
Today we got our first bosskills in BWD, Magmaw and defence system
Got some wipes in the begining but all together it went on quite smothly


It's Alive!

25. January 2011 - written by Bhange at 13:51
Hi and welcome!
So you finally made it here....
All the members just sign up here and in the forum
And for the rest of you just come inside and say hi

// Staff

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