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Hello Neverlands Phoenix
Well it seemed like Neverlands had been lost for ever. But thanks to the effort of the NL Phoenix team Neverlands have risen again.
I know I know it's somewhat old news. But hey better late then never.

Soon Lame with all it's prestige and glory will draw fear all over the battlefields of Britania!

All fear Lame is here!


Goodbye Neverlands
It's with sadness in my eyes i write this. Neverlands have been a fun and loving comunity since the beginning and it continued this way with the Reborn project. But like everything else NL have come to its (final?) end.
Its Have been a truly fun time for all of us in [Lame] and i hope everyone who have played with and against us have felt the same way.
A great thanks to all of NL's staff. Both the people in the front and to all the goblins in the backgrounds. And ofcourse a big salut to the Andragon, the founder of NL

Goodbye all Neverlanders hope our roads cross once again!


New webadress
Well NLR99 seems to be (fucking)late, not a big suprise perhaps.
Atleast the old Lamers makes some changes =)
The home for the Lamers have moved to so bookmark the new adress!

// Orion


NLR99 Is comming up and Lame will be back to try it out!
As it seems at the moment NLR99 will be up and runing about the 2'nd Jan. And as most of us are eager to try it out Lame will be once again active within the PvP front. But I believe that we'r not only eager to try out the pvp but also the new economy, pvm, t-hunting and crafting.
All Fear Lame is Here!

Have an awesome Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishes all the members of Lamers of Neverlands!


Time to vote!

Seems like neverlands is running short of players. No wonder since Lame scares all the noobs away :(
But i think we all can agree that we need some fresh meat for the server. So start voting guys!

Here is the links:

I allso added the links to the botom left corner of the start page. VOTE!


Lame Gather

We had a little gather @ Skarven last friday... Had a few beers and laughs and talked about the future of [Lame] and diffrent pvp tacctics.

I guess we are 12 pvpers now in Lame and our skills is growing strong. Soon you all will see us fight for our colors in the lands of britania!
Watch out! Because we are coming for your LOOT!


[Lame] Has long been hiding in the shadows... Waiting for Neverlands to reborn and regain its previous glory. The day has come and [Lame] is ready to retake the throne as the the most Lamest and feared pvpers in the lands of brittania!

All fear [Lame] is here!

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